Jang Ja Yun Had Received ‘Death Threats’ From Kim

Jang Ja Yun’s incident takes a minor step forward with the phone call recordings of the deceased actress being released by MBC yesterday. The call recordings contained a part in which Jang Ja Yun told a good friend of her that her boss Kim wanted to kill her. This news shocked the Korean public and even forced a police clarification on the matter today (26th).

According to MBC NewsDesk on the 25th which reported the phone conversation in Jang Ja Yun’s cellphone: “In one of the phone conversation with her good friend before she committed suicide, Jang Ja Yun said ‘Kim wanted to terminate all my benefits and even reprimanded me. Kim said that he wanted to kill me and also proceeded to assert violence on me. He will really kill me’. The conversation shows her extreme fear towards her boss Kim.”

In another phone conversation, Jang Ja Yun said: “I have done according to my boss’s instruction… I do not want to spoil his reputation. Although I can expose him if I bring the sms that he had text me to the police, but I do not want to do so.” This conversation clearly hinted that she was indeed forced to have sex with others or something against her own will.

However, the South Korean police has today tried to clarify on the report made by MBC, by saying that Kim had indeed threatened Jang Ja Yun, but not in the way reported by MBC.

The police spokesperson said: “The ‘kill’ mentioned by Kim may not literally mean ‘killing someone’. It may likely mean killing off Jang Ja Yun’s actress career. However just based on this, Kim has already committed an offence and the police will continue the investigation through this clue.”

One phone conversation, two different interpretations. Which is the truth?


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