Kim So Eun Is The New Pocari Sweat Lady

Actress Kim So Eun, who has enjoyed a rapid upsurge in her popularity recently, has been selected as the next generation endorser of the “Pocari Sweat” drink. Donga Otsuka has officially signed a contract with Kim So Eun for the exclusive endorsement of Pocari Sweat.

The endorsement for the Pocari Sweat drink has always been highly sought after by many actresses, especially newcomers, as those who managed to be its endorser will see their popularity and career climbing to a new high, as past histories have shown. Go Hyun Jung first endorsed the drink in 1991, followed by Shim Eun Ha in 1994 and Jang Jin Young in 1997. Son Ye Jin and Lee Yeon Hee were the 2001 and 2005 endorser respectively.

This latest CF for the drink was shot in a popular vacation resort in Thailand. Kim So Eun in front of the camera displayed a pure and adorable image that is a perfect mix with the brand image. The CF will hit the streets next month.

original size


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