Lee Teuk Reveal some Secrets

Super Junior were guests on a recent episode of “MBC Let Me Sleep Here Tonight”. After show casing their sleeping dorms, Super Junior sat down with the hosts for some chat.

Leader Lee Teuk begin revealing some secrets.

He a admits he has a love for the color white, which he refers to as “White syndrome.” His dorm bed, desk, clothes, and even underwear is white. He explains that he feels uncomfortable if he does not have anything white on. “I have to wear white socks, and if my clothes don’t have white on them, I get nervous.”

If on stage he does not have on a white outfit, he would change into white underwear or add on white accessories to feel more comfortable.

After his confession Lee Teuk began talking about fellow member Dong Hae’s deceased father. “I don’t know if Dong Hae knows this, but before we debut, we ate with his parents. Dong Hae’s father told me, “Thank You,” and held my hand and told me, “Watch over Dong Hae till the end for me.” While listening, Dong Hae teared up.


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