Shin Hyesung attracts attention as he forms ‘Shinhwa’ with pretty college girls

Shinhwa’s Shin Hyesung formed a makeshift ‘Shinhwa’ with 5 pretty college girls at the recording for KBS2’s Roadshow Quiz Expedition at Sungkyunkwan University and put up a impressive performance.

Shin Hyesung partnered the students from Sungkyunkwan University’s jazz dance club in a performance of Shinhwa’s ‘Wild Eyes’, and performed the chair dance with great chemistry. It has been a while since Shinhwa performed their dances, and Shin Hyesung showed that his moves were as sharp as ever.

Shin Hyesung also performed the duet he did with Lee Ji Hoo, ‘Doll’, with a male college student, a self-proclaimed Shin Hyesung fan, in perfect harmony.

This episode will be shown on 29 March at 10.45am.

source: Forever HS
credit: absolutshinhwa
chinese translations by: 宝宝爱王子@S.C.I.C
english translations by: midnightgirl13@absolutshinhwa


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