TVXQ as Cover Model for AERA magazine

Recently the 5 members Korean group Dong Bang Shin Ki was selected as cover profile of a AERA magazine, May issue.

Their appearance in the cover magazine boasts the highest weekly circulation of AERA, and this is one of many proofs that Dong Bang Shin Ki (or known as Tohoshinki) is already recognized as top stars in Japan.

Only few non-Japanese artists who were ever selected as AERA’s cover magazine, from South Korean itself, there are Korean wave stars Baek Yong Joon, Son Yae Jin, Won Bin, Park Yong-ha, and world conductor Chung Myung-hoon.

One of SM Entertainment representative said, “Eventhough Dong Bang Shin Ki is known as Korean pop stars, become the cover of AERA is still hard. Since the magazine is running “localization strategy”, only most popular singers in Japan who will get the opportunity to be their cover models. It’s all about nationality discrimination,”

In current AERA issue, there are 6 pages alone provided for Dong Bang Shin Ki: describing their recent activities in Japan and one page for each member’s profile.

Being one of non-Japanese stars appeared in the magazine cover, no doubt, creating much pros and cons.

In fact, in the last 4 years of Dong Bang Shin Ki’s career in Japan, most of their 26 singles had been successfully entering ORICON chart and they’re also just debuting as main models in Japan Fashion Week on March 22nd proving that they’re one of the greatest singing groups ever exists in Japan.

Dong Bang Shin Ki’s 4th album “The Secret Code” will be released on March 25th. Inside the album, there’s a song which becomes main theme of Subaru the movie, entitled “Bolero”.

To increase their possibility topping the ORICON chart, Dong Bang Shin Ki will also conduct their ARENA tour in 8 cities around Japan with total 19 performances.

source: Joong Ang
credit: tvxqfever
translated by: sharingyoochun


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