Netizens, “Oh no. ‘Female Big Bang’ to be called ‘21′, but isn’t there already a singer named 21?”

2 days back, it has been decided that ‘female Big Bang‘, a upcoming YG female group, to be called ‘21′.

But netizens are now becoming concerned as there is already a singer with the name ‘21′, who debuted in the year 2005.

21_290309There is a 23-year-old singer by the name of ‘21(To Anyone)’ who debuted with a ballad album on 22nd May with the single album ‘My Soul’s Weight’. The name came from the theory by the American medical studies that a human’s spirit weighed about 21 grams.

Netizens, “There is a singer with the same name. YG don’t know about it?”

YG’s new group ‘21‘ was named that way to represent the fresh music that group will produce, just like the age of 21. Also it has representation of the number 21 in the game of Black Jack.

With members consisting of Sandara Park, Park Bom, CL and Gong Min Ji, the group will debut beginning of May.


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