Shin Hyesung, holding his 3rd solo concert

Last year November in Seoul, China Shanghai, Japan Tokyo and other countries, together with 25,000 spectators, Shin Hyesung has successfully held his Asia tour concert, and currently he is preparing for his 3rd tour concert.

Shin Hyesung will be holding ‘2009 SHIN HYE SUNG Keep Leaves Tour In Seoul’ at Ewha Women University hall on the 2nd and 3rd of May. And on the 31st of May late noon at 6pm he will also be holding ‘2009 SHIN HYE SUNG Keep Leaves Tour In Busan’ concert at KBS Busan hall. What’s special is that this is the first time Shin Hyesung held a solo concert in Busan since Shinhwa’s ‘State Of The Art In Busan’ concert in July 2006 which aroused great interest and anticipation among the fans.

The concert tickets for Seoul and Busan will be available on sale through interpark from 30th 8pm on onwards.

This round, the Seoul concert is different from the previous big scale concert, it is a 2,800 seats theatre-style stage performance in which enables Shin Hyesung and the fans to have a closer interaction that is highly anticipated.

If his concert last year in November was said to display British rock, BIGBAND genres of music from his official 3rd album side 1, then this round he will be focusing on ballads from his 3rd album side 2, which is expected to show the ticket power of Shin Hyesung once more.

Shin Hyesung expressed that in the concert this time, not only will there be side 2 songs but also rearrangements and re-make of diverse repertoire. In additional, he will be preparing to perform with a special guest, hoping that in his 3rd solo concert, to spend the time together with his fans.

In addition, he had successfully held ‘2009 SHIN HYE SUNG Live Music Show in Taiwan’ last month on the 14th and on the 3rd of April, his 3rd album side 1 and 2 will be officially on sale in Taiwan, hoping to arouse a popular craze in Taiwan again.

Credits: hyesungstory (English translation) + kittyyang@申彗星中国首站S.C.I.C (Chinese translation) + Forever HS (source)


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