Jihoo is Jandi’s soulmate

jandi And Jihoo

Goo Hye Sun clarified the relationship between Jihoo and Jandi, “Jihoo is Jandi’s soulmate. Jandi likes Jihoo as a person and a irreplaceable friend, but she doesn’t love him.”

In a recent interview she said, “Love can only exist if the hearts of two people feel the same way, but Jandi does not have that feeling towards Jihoo. That’s why, no matter how much Jihoo has feelings for Jandi, the two can never be together.

“Of course, Jandi liked Jihoo at first. But on the way, she has cleared up her feelings for him. The reason why she is so good to Jihoo after, is because she cares for him, not because she loves him.

However, it is true that Jandi’s attitude is attracting Jihoo. At this, Goo Hye Sun said, “I know that there are bound to be people who criticize Jandi for putting up an innocent attitude between Jihoo and Junpyo, but that is because Jandi does not know Jihoo’s heart. The viewers and I know his feelings, but Jandi does not know that Jihoo likes her.

But she said, “If I were to find out someone liked me, I would never show an innocent attitude. I think I would have to draw a clear line in order to ensure that I don’t hurt him.”


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