Lee Jun Ki: In Style magazine (April 2009 issue)

Lee Jun Ki’s journals in the magazine as translated :

Lee Jun Ki..in pursuit of happiness

In order to leave behind good memories for the 3 siblings living in Jakarta, Lee Jun Ki and tvN filming crew left for Jakarta.
From his own personal journals, jotting down real life story that moves our hearts.

This campaign must make them happy, to bring hope to them, therefore must meet them face to face. However my behaviour might cause some harm or increases their burdens. So upon receiving the case, I thought about it for a long time.

But “Good Neighbours” explained to me and seeing the photos of the 3 siblings, I made the decision to see them.

On the day of departure, the thought that I would see them soon made my heart beat faster. With an excited mood and together with sunbae Kim Ha Neul and the tvN family, we got on the plane. Bound for our destination..Jakarta.

Day 1..our arrival

Today would meet eldest child Viky, 2nd child Dimas, 3rd sister Puteri and grandmother. Once our car appeared, the village bustled with activity. Meeting the brothers and sister, I happily greeted them in the bahasa Indonesia which I just learnt that morning. The children’s faces lit up with smiles and they were shy and hid from us.
After using my limited bahasa Indonesia to greet the whole family, together with sunbae Kim Ha Neul, we got down to planning.

First of all, we cleared the garbage lying around and then gathered the wet clothes. Sunbae Kim took charge of the laundry washing while I fetched water. After toiling in the heat and finishing the washing of clothes, we discovered that the pole for clothes hanging was unable to support, due to years of use..it was of no use. Picked up a few pieces of bricks and while using them to hammer the nails in, I decided that before leaving, I must make a laundry stand for them.

After our chores, we chatted with the children inside the house. At the mention of the word “parents”, Puteri’s eyes welled up with tears. Sunbae Kim and I were heart-broken. These kids cannot not even remember clearly their parents’ looks, faced with their inner deep turmoil, we felt helpless. Therefore I made a decision. Even though lacking of time, please let me compensate the children with affection that is absent.

In the afternoon, we had to prepare dinner for the children. Sunbae Kim prepared barbecued meat and I fried noodles. Turned out that the children loved eating the meat, it was gone instantly. And my fried noodles were neglected. (My fried noodles were the local specialty ! )
Without realising it, our first day in Jakarta had ended.

Day 2..Sister and brothers’ daily lives.
13 February.

Today is fumigation work, we had to get rid of the insects around the house. Covering up my mouth and a heavy fumigation machine strapped on, I worked my way from their house and around the village. The final task was a difficult one, how to mend the leaks inside the house.

It was troublesome because we needed to seek and obtain approval first. And a lot of repair was needed in many places. Even before repair could commence, there were problems. After discussions with the association and our team, I immediately rolled up my sleeves and pants, started to carry out the task. Filled up the holes in the ceiling and flooring, then distributed the educational items to the children.

After completing most of the repair job, I became a photographer and took photos of the 3 siblings and other children. To be used as future reference in order to render assistance. Today’s shooting was to capture the children’s innocence while they were playing. Only using the lens to film, no editing would be done.

Walking about in the village and in order to capture the children’s happy images, I pressed the shutter non-stop. When I think that my photos would bring hope and changes to the children, I was filled with energy.

Our last itinerary on our 2nd day was to visit the children’s school. Using the fans’ kind
donations, we set up a computer room in viky’s and Dimas’ names. (My fans, I really thank all of you)

Day 3…fragile strength to live because of love.

Sunbae Kim and I started work very early. Haircuts for the children of the village, making jeans for the sister and 2 brothers. Sunbae Kim gave them the “Lee Jun Ki” haircut. I was responsible for their styling and making them handsome. We had a happy time with the children.

After haircuts, we went for a camping trip. The kids carefully packed their new clothes in the bags, laughing happily. Only 3rd child was not showing us her joy. I was worried about this child, so I asked the people who knows about her situation. It turned out that Puteri was adopted when she was very young, and suffered abuses at a tender age. My heart sank, when I recalled that to hear her voice and see her smiles, I used wicked tactics. It was too much. Puteri, I am sorry. But you must be strong, there are still kind people in this world.

At the camp, we ate delicious food and played with the children. Sensing that I had become closer to the kids, I was in a better mood. Especially Dimas, who had the team worker’s camera and was constantly taking pictures.

Because our presence brought hope to these children..or maybe like Dimas who wants to be a photographer…we sowed the seeds of hope for them. It was really a wonderful feeling.
After playing, I bathed together with Viky and Dimas while sunbae Kim showered together with Puteri. This was the first time I bathed with children. We played happily with water, it was a wonderful moment.

Seemed that I became a father bathing the children. Could be they were tired after playing, they fell asleep.

Day 4…leaving behind good memories

The children said before, that they wanted to go swimming. Luckily there was a swimming pool, and everyone was thrilled. In order for the children to swim longer, I purposely got up early. Not eating breakfast, I gathered the kids and let them enter the water.

I had thought that because they love swimming, their skills must be good. It so happened that once in the water, the children were afraid..really cute. Swimming here was rare for them, usually they only play by the river in the village.To have a chance to play in the swimming pool, they must have felt like being in the blue sea.

Today Sunbae Kim and I taught the children how to swim. To use legs to splash around, non-stop activity.

After lunch, everyone went to the zoo (safari). Being the first time at the zoo with family, the children’s happy laughter was heard. There were many animals that Sunbae Kim and I had seen for the first time. In the end, we were more excited than the children, happily looking here and there.

The time spent at the zoo, we were like kids back into our childhood days. We felt close bonding with the children.

Day 5…parting after 6 days and 5 nights

On our last day, we organised sports’ day with the school children. During the games, I played till I was perspiring. I became the young and mischevious Lee Jun Ki in childhood, playing together with all the children.

I also thank the Indonesian fanclub for sending along 150 packets of food to the children. To express my appreciation, I rolled up my sleeves and personally helped to distribute every packet to the children.

It was Korean language lesson in the classroom at noon. The kids are clever, managing well with the tough Korean language. Imitating the actions, the classroom was filled with bursts of delighted laughter,

All good things must come to an end, it was time to leave. Saying goodbye was the most cruel moment after the past few days. Everyone was very sad. To give good memories of the unforgettable time, I took pictures of us and them. And we exchanged photos for remembrance.

One by one started to cry silently, finally everyone could not help but weep. Knowing we were leaving, the children hugged me and cried. I cried as I handed them a letter. Till now I am still unable to put down in words what I wrote.

Living our lives in our own individual space, I learnt a lot having spent time here. They promised to take care of the children and so I went to say goodbye to grandma. Grandma was sad and she cried.

Going through this eventual parting of ways, I felt helpless. Spending this period of time with the kids, to me it was not a hand-out. In fact, it allows me to clearly know that while we enjoy luxurious things, we have lost something essential.

Hoping that if we meet again, I can still see your innocent cute smiling faces. Hoping that we can exchange warm hugs.

Lastly, I wish that you will maintain the honest and sincere hearts and must grow up healthily and happily.

Thank you, I love you.

Original article posted in picture
Translated from Korean to Chinese by Roubao @ baidu
Translated from Chinese to English by Wendy @leejunki-singapore


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