Viewers happy that Boys Over Flowers ended with a happy ending


KBS 2TV drama Boys Over Flowers has come to an end on 31st March, 3 months after its airing rfrom 5th January.

With much debate over how the drama will come to an ending, viewers are satisfied that the drama ended with a happy ending, attracting a record high of 33.7% viewership during its last episode.

On the 24th episode aired on 30th March with appearance of YooMi who interferred into the Goo-Geum relationship has got viewers worried about the couple’s fate in the drama.

JanDi had, with the help of the F4 members, tried to get Goo Joon Pyo regain his lost memories but to no valid. And JaeKyung who has also been looking after JoonPyo all this while had only became more anxious.

With its ending episode, viewers questioned, “Don’t tell me that the high fantasy romance will just end with a sad ending?”

But viewers are glad that the drama has done some justice to the original version of the story which portrayed the ‘cheerfulness’ of pure young love depicted.

The drama ended with Goo Joon Pyo finding back his memory successfully. And JanDi made it into a medical college, proving to be a strong ‘weed’, together with Yoon Ji Hoo; So Yi Jung and Sung WooBin also had their own happy ending. This can be said to be a ‘happy ending all the way’.

And the happy ending also brought the viewers to the propose from Joon Pyo to JanDi, leaving the sweetest moments for viewers who has been quite irritated by the love-and-then-leave-again relationship.

Also a special episode of the drama will also be aired 1 week from the last 25th episode.

In the course of the 3 months airing, the cast has each individually gotten into accidents starting from Kim Hyun Joong’s car accident on 21st January to Goo Hye Sun’s car accident on 27th February. Also the unfateful news of Jang Ja Yeon’s suicide, which until has been a heatedly debated topic, will also be featured in the special episode.

But still, the viewers have supported with 30% of viewership right till the end.

After Boys Over Flowers, ‘A Man’s story’ starring Park Young Ha, Kim Gang Woo and Park Shi Yeon will be aired at the same timeslot.


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