After School gets 1 more member – making it a 6-member group

After School

Known as the Korea’s Pussycat Dolls, group After School gets one more new member making it a 6-member group.

Known for their power dance performance, with a new member, the group will set its directions on not only singing, but also modelling, acting etc.

The new member will start promoting with the group with the release of the group’s new digital single ‘DIVA’ set to release on 9th April.

After School’s company said, “This new member is known by many people. But with regard to who she will be will only be released next week.” The new member is said to be also talented, in terms of singing and acting, and is also a beauty like the rest of the After School members.


One Response

  1. there is no reason whatsoever to add this new chick, its not like she’s some wonderful vocalist. she doesnt even stick out, i think they just wanted to distinguish themselves from other korean 5-member groups (hmmm…. “wonder” who?) i love the song diva tho, very good job but they could did the same thing without Uee (i think thats her name) she’s just like the rest of them, so i guess she fits in 😛

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