‘We Got Married’ to attempt a change in format from May onwards

MBC variety program ‘We Got Married’ drew attention when they announced that they will be attempting to carry out a change in format starting from May.

The 3rd generation WGM couples of Junjin/Lee Shi Young, Kang In/Lee Yoon Ji, Shin Sung Rok/Kim Shin Young and Jung Hyung Don/Tae Yeon have started their onscreen married life. Since introducing the concept of the poor university couple, although various segments have been tried out, such as the couples sports meet and featuring special guests on the show, the situation now is that a focal point is needed.

There have been many voices calling for the focus to be on the ‘love and romance’ between the couple, rather than the ‘married life’ of the couple.

The production team expressed, “For the change of format in May, we’re currently preparing for it right now. Although the details haven’t been confirmed yet, but we will be moving in the direction of an expanded definition of marriage.”

They added that although there have been appearances made by the real family members of the couples and babysitting missions, they were mostly short segments.

“Throughout this time, if WGM has been painting a fantasy of marriage on the pretext of romance, now the couples will really see what marriage is all about. To be married means that each of them now has to consider issues like his/her spouse’s finances and health, and the plans for the future. We want to let the viewers see a new picture of the expanded concept of marriage.”

However it is not decided if there will be new couples added.

“We have yet to make a concrete decision on details such as whether we’ll be keeping the current 4-couple format or adding in new couples.”


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