Kara’s Nicole Jung was ‘offered’ to join as a member of Chat with Beauties.


Recently Nicole appeared on KBS 2TV’s Chat with Beauties and showed off her strange 4-dimensional charm, and received a ‘direct invitation’ from the beauties of the show to join them.

To the question of when “Peace Days*” are, she innocently said, “do they really chop off the hands?” and said that “young herbs were bean sprouts,” and other strange and wrong answers that caused the whole studio to fall into laughter.

*(TN: Koreans refer to certain days as “son obneun nal”, meaning days that evil spirits are not moving about. Literally taken, it also sounds like “days without hands”)

Finland’s Taru Salminen said to the LA-born Nicole, “you know less about Korea than I do, I think we should switch places,” surprisingly receiving an offer to switch, of which Nicole willing accepted and it’s said that she really sat in her place.

To this sudden on-the-spot arrival, the beauties all greatly welcomed Nicole, Nicole added, “my heart feels so much more comfortable”–drawing out a joyful smile on her face. It will air 11:10pm on the 6th.


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