Cute Pictures of SNSD Yuri-Tiffany’s First “Music Core” as MC’s


SNSD’s Yuri and Tiffany showed their thoughts on being an MC on MBC Music Core for the first time.

On the 4th, SNSD’s side said on their homepage that “It was Tiffany and Yuri’s first time as MC on Music Core” and “Tiffany and Yuri’s catwalk on the runway which was better than a real model’s, their special stage with Nasun, Yuri’s feminine performance with K. Will, and the too-cute Tiffany’s video… were all rehearsed so much because it was the first time meeting with fans as MC’s, and I don’t know how well it came out.”

They also said, “Since it’s the first time, we were a bit nervous, but because of the fans’ support and love, we finished the recording fine” and “Especially for the fans that came to the set and cheered on for us there, we are so thankful, even though we couldn’t say it to you personally.”

They added, “please keep watching Tiffany and Yuri who will continue to MC,” and “Please keep cheering for SNSD, too.”

(Photo from SNSD’s official homepage)
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