Kim So Eun and Yoo Seung Ho in Movie


Kim So Eun who has won high popularity for her role in KBS2TV Boys Before Flowers will soon be starring in a movie where she plays the female lead.

Since her debut in 2004, she has been playing mainly supporting roles in movies like The Show Must Go on, Fly, Daddy, Fly and most recently dramas, Empress Chun Chu and Boys Before Flowers, where she managed to win many over with her acting despite the little time that her roles had.

Her co-star and male lead will be Yoo Seung Ho (16) who is an impressive child actor himself and is 4 years younger than Kim So Eun (20). Yoo Seung Ho is currently filming for another movie 71 alongside Kim Bum and Big Bang’s Seungri and so will take on this movie concurrently. In addition, Yoo Seung Ho will also appear in MBC big-budget saeguk Queen Seon Duk which is debuting in May.

The movie is of the mystery-thriller genre where a pair of high-school students played by Yoo Seung Ho and Kim So Eun gets implicated with a murder case and is a classic whodunit story as they seek to find out the killer within the stipulated time. The cameras will start rolling for the movie in April and is expected to conclude in August.


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