Kim Tae Yeon Is “Single” Again

In less than 24 hours, Girls’ Generation leader Kim Tae Yeon was hit with the news of being without her regular two partners on radio and television very soon.

Super Junior Kangin and Girls’ Generation Kim Tae Yeon have been a really good pairing on MBC Chin Chin Radio all this while, having build up a good chemistry. But that is about to take a drastic change as Kangin will be leaving his post due to his busy Super Junior schedule, drama and We Got Married filming. He will say goodbye after recording his final show on 12th April. The former DJs for the program were Tablo and Jo Jung Rin with Kangin taking over from Tablo in April 2007 while Tae Yeon came in for Jung Rin exactly a year later. No replacement has been mooted as yet.

On the tv side, news had spread like wildfire yesterday when Jung Hyung Don (31) admitted that he was currently dating a television scriptwriter who was 4 years his junior. They had apparently met while working together on a SBS variety show and only started dating recently. This has thus led to many speculation about the status of Hyung Don on MBC We Got Married where he plays out a make-believe marriage with Tae Yeon.

The rules for being on We Got Married was that you cannot get involved in a relationship in reality. But with Hyung Don making his relationship public, it’s in his best interest for him to leave We Got Married and as a result, Tae Yeon. They will film for 1 more episode which will be their “divorce” and call it quits in early May.

The Hyung Don – Tae Yeon pairing have been frowned upon by many from the start, with anti-fans for Hyung Don multiplying overnight after it was made known. This also brings to question that we should never ever treat We Got Married seriously no matter how real it seems to be. Despite being viewed as a perfect model couple, Shin Ae and Alex were never meant to be. Shin Ae recently announced she was getting married sometime in 2009 to a non-celeb having dated since the start of the year. Hwayobi who was “married” to Hwanhee was revealed to be dating Sleepy of Untouchable after working together on a song. And that happened during filming for We Got Married.


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