Kim Hee-sun’s Happy Mom Project

Actress Kim Hee-sun (Smile Again, Sad Sonata) held her first official event as a new mother (she gave birth to a daughter in January) on the afternoon of April 7 in Seoul.

The event was to kick off the publication of the “Kim Hee-sun’s Happy Mom Project,” which is a book detailing Kim Hee-sun’s pregnancy and childbirth experience, with all proceeds going to charity. Donations will be sent to help Afghan children through charity organization Nutrition & Education International.

Kim Hee-sun married a businessman in 2007, after which she scaled back her acting and modeling activities (her last drama was the 2006 series Smile Again). She announced her pregnancy last year and occasionally released photos of herself and her family during her pregnancy and shortly thereafter. However, she hasn’t yet made a move to take on new acting projects.

Kim is also participating in the new “1 Green Canvas for 1 Tree” campaign by Benetton alongside Speed Scandal cutie Wang Seok-hyun. The Green Canvas campaign aims to raise environmental awareness and advocates reuse of products.


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