Lee Jun Ki: Every woman’s dream

Special Report

Every woman’s dream.

Lee Jun Ki melts hearts in Bangkok.

By Wendy Ho

Excitement and anticipation reached a fevered pitch at the Centara Grand & Bangkok Convention Centre on March 7. Korea’s top designer Andre Kim held a fashion show, Fashion Fantasia, to mark the 50th anniversary of Korea’s partnership with Thailand.

The place was packed to the rafters with media and hallyu fans waiting for the appearance of Lee Jun Ki, who was to model for the show. At around 1 pm, Jun Ki was spotted in the hotel lobby as he made his way to a scheduled rehearsal. There was a TV camera crew at his heels and it was later rumoured that they were from Mnet-scoop – they were covering the trip for a special. The fans, who had been camping there all day, went crazy and surged forward immediately. I quickly moved to the side before I got trampled over. He briskly walked into the hall and out of my sight. The rest of my day was spent meeting up with my Thai friends.

At 6pm, I ventured into the hall to take my place. I couldn’t wait for the show to begin ! After the arrival of Princess Som Sawalee at around 6.45pm, the show started.

First to grace the catwalk were beautiful female models, after which six Korean models took the stage. The last to appear was Lee Jun Ki ! He was very handsome in the first white outfit. (Check out his gorgeous outfits in the photos !) I was truly enthralled by the exquisite, colourful garments and of course, Jun Ki. He transformed into a real-life Prince Charming with the splendid creations of Andre Kim.

90 minutes flew by in a flash and the show came to an end. The whole entourage returned to the runway. I had brought a bouquet of flowers for Jun ki and was deliriously happy when I managed to hand it to him as he was leaving the stage.

I’m sure all of Jun Ki’s fans present came away with beautiful memories of the show. I, myself was totally thrilled by the experience. We admired at the photos we had snapped of our handsome prince and re-lived the precious moments with the video clips we had taken. The trip was definitely well worth the while !


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