Epik High performs Chocolate

The Epik guys performed on April 8th episode of Kim Jung Eun’s “Chocolate,” where they showcased some songs off their new project “Map the Soul,” as well as rap segments and an Epik High classic, “Fly.”

Chocolate, as well as its’ snack counterpart “Peppermint” (hosted by Lee Hana), are shows that have been gaining popularity because of the guests featured, and those guests tend to mostly consist of the non-mainstream variety. Sure, DBSK and SNSD have appeared on Chocolate, but a lot more indie artists appear on the show as well. You definitely won’t find the run-of-the-mill variety you see on shows like Music Core, Inkigayo, Music Bank, and when else would you see Wheesung and Lyn doing their own superb covers of songs like “Mirotic” and “So Hot” on anywhere but Peppermint?

Epik High interacted lots with the audience and their performances were incredibly low-key but powerful nonetheless. There was some serious rapping going on, and it’s great to see a more mature audience that aren’t flipping their sh*t when it comes to music performances. Check out the performances:

here and here

Video credit: codeanalysis

Check out the Fly Music Video if you haven’t seen it yet.


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