FT Island Revealed Their Home


On the recent episode filming of MBC “Put Me To Sleep Just Tonight,” FT Island revealed their home.

The 4MC (Lee Kyung Shil, Kim Jisun, Kang Soojung, Yoo Chae Young), who were taking a tour around their home, couldn’t close their mouths after seeing the cute pictures of the members of when they were younger.

Much like a boyband, all of the gifts that filled the rooms caught their attention. One unusual gift was a four-month-old Siberian husky.

The leader of FT Island, Choi Jonghoon, told of times when he was displeased, saying “Honestly there are times when I am jealous of Hongki. It’s been 3 years since we debuted but the camera still only focuses on Hongki.” While Jaejin, in a timidly manner, said “Since new member, Seunghyun, came in, the reactions usually seem unconcerned, which hurts.”

While they were eating dinner, Hongki’s mother came to visit during filming, which surprised the members. Hongki’s mother who shared stories about Hongki said “During his time of puberty, he once ran away from home. And when I heard him say that he disliked the fact that his mom and dad were his own parents, I fell into deep shock.” Upon that, Hongki replied “I still regret that time,” unable to hide his sorry feelings.

Show airs on the 10th.


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