Lee Ji Hoo, “Big Bang fans shouldn’t use orange colour balloons, that’s ShinHwa fanclub colour”

Lee Ji Hoo has revealed his views about the little ‘colour disagreement’ between Big Bang and ShinHwa fans.

Lee Ji Hoo was on MBC ‘Golden Fishery – Radio Star’ on 8th April when he revealed that he is the closest to Shin Hye Sung in ShinHwa.

He also revealed on the show, “Shouldn’t Big Bang fans not use orange colour for their balloon? ShinHwa’s fans uses mandarin colour for their balloons and ShinHwa has not even disbanded, so Big Bang fans shouldn’t use orange colour.”

The little ‘colour argument’ between Big Bang and ShinHwa fans started this year when the colour light sticks were used during Big Bang’s concert.

ShinHwa’s fan club ShinHwaChangJo has been using orange colour for the past 10 years or so. But when fans started using orange lightsticks for Big Bang’s concert in January, there has been an debate going on amongst fans on whether the colour for Big Bang fans has infringed into the use of official colour for ShinHwa fanclub.

With that YG Entertainment explained on their official homepage beginning of February, “Because there is no way to imitate the crown-design Big Bang light sticks, the colour light stick used in replacement by fans are not produced by YG nor does it have anything to do with YG merchandises.”



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