Fahrenheit “More Apart Than Together”, Popularity Not Diminished; Calvin Chen hopes four guys will shoot a drama together


Recently Taiwan idol group Fahrenheit came to Hangzhou and came into close contact with their fans. Hundreds of fans came to the event, showing the four boys’ popularity. Some fans were even so excited that they broke through the “security wall” and almost caused chaos. Although they are one group, Fahrenheit’s four members have spent more time working separately than together. They continuously express their wish to be able to work together in an idol drama to alleviate “the pain of separation”.

Since the beginning, super-popular Fahrenheit has brought excitement wherever they went; the situation in Hangzhou was no different. At the contract signing event, some 500 fans showed up as witnesses, the whole place was filled 3 stories up. When Fahrenheit appeared, the atmosphere became crazy, as excited fans continuously shouted, chanting their idols’ names, and some even tried to break through the security wall. Fortunately, under Wu Chun’s discouragement, the fans became calm once again, thus avoiding any accidents from happening. Ever since their debut, Fahrenheit’s four members were often “more apart than together”, with each filming his own drama, they rarely worked together in filming. Yesterday, Fahrenheit member Calvin Chen expressed his great wish to be able to work together with the other members in an idol drama.


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