Goo Hye Sun wants to be in the season 2 of BOF

goo hye sun

Actress Goo Hye Sun expressed her sadness at the conclusion of “Boys Over Flowers”

In a recent interview Goo Hye Sun stated, “I would like to be in the second season of ‘Boys Over Flowers’. To me, it was an honor to be in a drama like ‘Boys Over Flowers’.”

She explained, “As far as I know, there will be no season 2 of. But that drama has left me so much that I would love to be in a second season if the opportunity came.”

“When will I ever get to be in a drama like this again? Honestly, if they gave me a little more time to sleep, I would wish that the drama never ended. That’s how special it is to me. If a season 2 does go into production, I would like another chance to work with the people that have worked so hard.”

4 Responses

  1. hope there will be a next season for this

  2. I have been asking Group 8 producer and KBS to make Boys Over Flowers a sequels. I wish that they will be a season 2 and you will be the Geum Jan Di – Goo Hye Sun – you are the perfect Geum Jan Di. You’re the best portrayal of Geum Jan Di- no one can have it. I’ll be looking forward of your come back as Geum Jan Di.

  3. i think this not bad idea to make a sequel of BOF….BOF 2 fighting!!!!!!
    coz i want to look jun pyo and jandi marriage and have anic i want to look how the expression of junpyo’s parents especially his mother…
    so i want to look gha eul and yi jung sunbe love story..hehehehehehe…
    and ji hoo sunbee and wu bin sunbe meet with their love love….
    of course jae kyung too will meet wit her love….unni fighting!!!!!!!!!!!!
    and of course they all will be happy………………….

  4. how about the sequel of BOF made be a movie like hana yori dango…its too not bad i think…….
    if there is no the sequel i hope the sequel of love goo hye sun and lee min ho can became real in their real life….hehehehehehehehehehe

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