Sometimes glad, sometimes mad – Junjin/Lee Shi Young experience the full gamut of human emotions

Junjin and Lee Shi Young inject a dose of realism as they display the entire range of human emotions between couples.

During the 5th April episode of MBC variety show ‘We Got Married’, Junjin further angered Lee Shi Young after the shopping incident on last week’s episode. Lee Shi Young had asked Junjin to buy a pair of slippers but he came back with a clearly slipshod purchase.

After the couple received the mission for the day – which was “to be kind to your partner and smile” – Lee Shi Young requested for Junjin to do the chores, and initially Junjin was in a good mood as Lee Shi Young had made a pair of pajamas for him as he had requested, showing a rarely seen situation of the couple’s affectionate behavior towards each other.

During this rare moment of affection, the couple decided on Junjin’s suggestion of using “Yours” and “Mine” as pet names for each other, but the peace didn’t last as they soon had yet another fight after this. Junjin had gone into the room where all the Gundam models were displayed, and he accidentally separated the wings from one of the Gundam models in a major mishap.

Lee Shi Young tried to contain her anger as she told him, “Don’t clean this area, you don’t have to clean this area. Just don’t touch my Gundam models! I’m really fine.” Junjin later said, “It wasn’t really very harsh, and it wasn’t like it was a command, but for a while I really felt that my life was being threatened.”

After thinking about how they’ve already spent 7 weeks together, the couple made up and cooked kimchi fried rice together, and enjoyed their meal as they joked around.

In the preview of next week’s episode, Junjin visits the filmset of Lee Shi Young’s movie and ends up exploding with jealousy.

source: Newsen
chinese translations by: 朴家管理员@Junjin Baidu Bar
english translations by: midnightgirl13 @ absolutshinhwa


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