Family Outing members enjoy a bizarre makeup party


Family Outing members indulged modelling for their bizarre makeup party.

For the first part of ‘Family Outing’ episode featuring the first appearance of a ajumma star Kim Won Hee aired on 12th April, the members went on a vacation to a village in KyeongBook SeongJoo.

Before their bedtime on the show, the Family members suggested a bizarre make-up fashion party to Kim Won Hee, who is the model partner to Shin Dong Yeop on variety show ‘Hey Hey Hey’.

The first catwalk showcase was by Kim Won Hee, and her faithful attendants Kim JongKook and attendent Lee Cheon Hee. Their catwalk concept was ‘Native village and the attendents’.

The 2nd team was Big Bang DaeSung and Lee Hyori. Applying her pink lipstick on DaeSung and give him a few specks of freckles on his cheeks, the team’s concept was deliquent high school female studeents. After seeing himself in the mirror, DaeSung said worriedly, “President Yang told me not to have the stupid image on the show…”

Looking at DaeSung in high school uniform skirt and a just a vest as a top, his leg hair visible, the rest of the Family members said, “DaeSung you have been cheated by Hyori” and DaeSung pulls a sad face, playing along.

The elderly group consists of ‘Geum JanDi’ Yoon Jong Shin and ‘Goo Joon Pyo’ Kim Soo Ro. But with their eye makeup and bright red lipsticks, the duo had only made themselves look like Draculas.

The last catwalk was by Yoo Jae Seok and Park Ye Jin. Yoo Jae Seok told Park Ye Jin, “Ye Jin ah, do it with confidence”. Yoo Jae Seok had used a tape to tape his nose to look like a pig’s nose while Park Ye Jin had used her bright red lipstick to draw herself a moustache.

The 2nd part to the episode will air next week on 19th April.


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