Lee Jae Jin’s Uncertain Future

Lee Jae Jin’s sister has had a short visit with her brother, after going missing for 33 days from the Korean army without a reason. He was finally arrested on the 8th in Daegu and had met with his younger sister, Lee Eun Joo.

It’s unclear what the two siblings discussed. But it is clear that the meeting was due to the severe concern shown from a younger sister for her older brother. Military police and the agents are still continuing the investigation with results expected to be out next week.

In the meantime, punitive articles about the peace-time desertion from military service does state that, those that leave without a legitimate reason ‘will be slapped with a more than 2 years to less than 10 years of penal servitude’. This is beginning to attract a lot of attention especially with a former pop star’s future at hand.


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