Public service officer Kim Dongwan commutes to work by bus

“I take the bus to work!”

The revelation that Shinhwa member Kim Dongwan (30), who started working at the Seodaemun Administrative Office since last December as a public service officer, commutes to work by bus has become a topic of interest.

A spokesperson from Kim Dongwan’s management company said, “Except for the first day Dongwan reported for duty when he went by car, he has been commuting by bus. His workplace is near his home and it’s convenient for him to take the bus.”

Kim Dongwan feels happy taking the bus to work everyday just like everyone else. Since he made his debut with Shinhwa at just 19, he has spent all his time in the public eye, very conscious of his status as a star. Now that he’s able to take a break from his life as a star, he is enjoying leading a normal life. According to the spokesperson, “Dongwan was laughing when he said, “When I take the bus in the early hours of the morning, there aren’t many people who recognize me.” Lately when we see Dongwan he looks really happy.”


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