Shin Hyesung: I respect Shin Seung Hun sonbae, but I don’t want to be a bachelor like him

During the recording for the 15th April episode of SBS music program Kim Jung Eun’s Chocolate, Shin Hyesung jokingly commented that though he respects Shin Seung Hun a great deal, he doesn’t want to stay as a bachelor like him.

On this day, Shin Hyesung had chosen Shin Seung Hun as his role model, while good friend Lee Jihoon chose Lee Seung Chul as his own role model.

Lee Jihoon said, “Shin Hyesung is like Shin Seung Hun sonbae in many ways, while Shin Hyesung replied much to the amusement of everyone, “He’s indeed a sonbae that I respect a great deal, but I hope I won’t be like him when it comes to the issue of marriage.”

Also during the second “Mobilization of the Strongest – No.1 Festival segment”, the ‘original idol’ Shin Hyesung and the ‘original pretty boy’ Lee Jihoon performed their own impressive renditions of Shin Seung Hun’s ‘Your Shining Smile’ and Lee Seung Chul’s ‘Hee Ya’ respectively.

This episode will be aired on 15th April at 12.30am.



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