Kang Gyun Sun gives Nicole a DSLR Camera

Singer Kang Gyun Sung gave Nicole, one of girl idol group members, a DSLR Camera as a thank you gift.

Before he entered the military, Kang Gyun Sung recorded ‘Happy and’ with Nicole. He said, “I am really thankful for Nicole. I really contemplated about what to give her. I remembered Nicole telling me that she really likes taking photos but her camera got broken, so I gave her a camera as a gift. I really wanted to do something for her hard work for my music as well as the music video.”

Kang Gyun Sung’s agency, Woolim Entertainment, said, “Nicole was really happy after receiving the gift. The other members were jealous of her.”

Currently, ‘Happy and’ is in the top 20 on various online music charts and it took only five days for the song to gain a huge popularity. The fans said, “We only thought that Nicole raps, but her voice is really pretty. Nicole’s and Kang Gyun Sung’s voices are a very good combination.”

On the other hand, Kang Gyun Sung was enlisted into the army on the 9th of April.


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