Lee Ji Hyun Says No to Plastic Surgery

Former Jewelry member Lee Ji Hyun (25) has denied rumors that she had gotten plastic surgery. Fans saw some selca pictures of her recently and rumors of plastic surgery began to circulate because her face had changed a bit.
Lee Ji Hyun’s company denied rumors that she had gotten plastic surgery saying “These pictures are from a 2008 spring photo shoot. These aren’t pictures of her now, but fans are misunderstanding the plastic she had before with new plastic. It’s rather upsetting because pictures can change with a little angling. She hasn’t gotten anything new done at all.”

Her company added, “Lee Ji Hyun had been active as a singer and actress 2 years ago. Her busy schedule had resulted in her poor health and thus she has been to the hospital pretty often to prevent it from worsening. This may also explain why her pictures now are vastly different from her past ones because she has lost a lot of weight.”

Since Lee Ji Hyun left the team (Jewelry) in February 2006, she has been active as an actress, appearing in SBS Good Day to Love in 2007, brief stint as Happy Shares Company host, but nothing ever since.


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  1. It’s really a good replay, I like it and I also don’t want to do.

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