Are Junjin and Lee Shi Young dating? “We don’t even meet outside of work”

Lee Shi Young has denied rumours that she is dating Junjin.

On 15th April, there was an article reporting that the WGM couple is dating for real, and claimed that insider sources had said, “Junjin and Lee Shi Young both have candid and honest characters, and they have gradually developed mutual understanding and feelings for each other through the programme.”

To this a spokesperson from Lee Shi Young’s management company said, “We checked with Shi Young herself when we saw the article this morning, and she found it really absurd.”

“Though they started off on the wrong foot during their early episodes on the show, it’s a fact that they did get to know each other better and become closer gradually. But besides meeting for the recording of the show, they don’t meet up with each other outside of work. It could be that their improved relationship has sparked off rumours like this.”

Junjin and Lee Shi Young started their ‘married life’ as a couple on MBC’s We Got Married since January this year, and have attracted much interest from viewers. Lee Shi Young’s unique hobbies have also been a topic of discussion among viewers and netizens.

Lee Shi Young has just concluded filming for the omnibus movie Ogamdo, and has also made an appearance in KBS drama “Again, My Love”. She also has various CFs in the pipeline.


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