Change of Star Golden Bell MCs

It was announced today that long-time MC Ji Suk Jin and pretty announcer Oh Jung Yeon will soon be leaving KBS2TV Star Golden Bell as part of the spring reshuffle.

It was perhaps no surprise that Oh Jung Yeon was going to leave after her marriage to Korean basketball player Seo Jang Hoon was made known in late March. She had taken over from Yoon Soo Young last November as part of the fall reshuffle and just fell short of reaching 6 months at the helm. She will be missed for her beauty and charisma on the show. For long-time MC Ji Suk Jin, he will be moving on to hosting another program instead and his long-time chemistry with Kim Jae Dong will be deeply missed. They recorded their last episode on the 13th which will be shown this Saturday, 18th April.

Replacing them are announcer Jeon Hyun Mu and actress Lee Chae Young. Jeon Hyun Mu is currently hosting KBS2TV Vitamin while Lee Chae Young is acting as the gung-ho female warrior, Sa Il-la in weekend drama, The Iron Empress. Their first broadcast is on 25th April together with Kim Jae Dong who is remaining on the show.


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