Si Won and Han Geng Kissed?


Fans Went Crazy. The Highest Point of Tonight was this scenario — Han Geng actually “kissed” Siwon!

When SJ-M, 7 Suave Members came on stage,the whole audience went craz. Black or White Suits allowed these flower boys to look more delicate and handsome。Even though they were performing in the screams,don’t know if SJ-M members forgot who they were or didn’t think the screaming was loud enough,when they sang the second son g《Love Song》.Han Geng actually SLIGHTLY “kissed” Siwon. This action cause many people in the audience to be surprised,loud screaming followed afterwards。

7 Girls were selected to give their favorite idols flowers,and have a zero distance hug with them!What touched them most was,during the whole performance SJ-M members did not throw the flower. When they sang,they put the flowers in the center,when they left the stage,they picked up their flowers,they treasure the fan’s love。

Han Geng:Hope we can have a concert in ChangChun
Continuing from the ChangChun Movie Festival from last year,not even a year’s time,Super Junior-M (or SJ-M) group came to ChangChun again,this time a lot of fans living in ChangChun were excited Yesterday,under the eyes of many fans,reporters got close with SJ-M,in the hotel walkway,They chatted with SJ-M’s leader Han Geng.

Changchun’s fans are touching
If you want to know if SJ-M really did appear, you don’t need to look, just need to hear。Because everywhere they go, there’s always fans screaming。It was the same yesterday too。Even though Changchun’s weather was at -3 degrees yesterday,this weather did not stop the fan’s love。Many fans from other places only wore a teeshirt and shorts to pick up their flight。The whole airport was noisy。The Hotel was filled with fans, Fans surrounded the building, it was hard to get in。Many fans didn’t see SJ-M so they follow the reporters, so the reporters have to loose them first, and then go upstairs to interview SJ-M

At the walkway in the 8th Floor,Reporters finally found a place to talk with them。Hangeng being the leader,talked to the reporters while walking,and the other members were very polite too,using awkward chinese to communicate。Han Geng said,ChangChun’s Fans left them very touched,he briefly introduced the second album,New album is in preparation,there will be surprises for fans。

Hope to perform for more fans
Act and Sings too,will never be poor in the Entertainment Industry,people that’s Handsome and Talented like Han Geng will obviously not pass a director’s eyes。Han Geng filmed his first film .



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  1. Oh yeah? Iam so surPrise.. Hihi

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