WGM production team: Junjin/Lee Shi Young not leaving the show

The production team behind MBC variety show ‘Sunday Sunday Night – We Got Married’ has refuted rumors of Junjin and Lee Shi Young leaving the show, which started circulating on 16th April. According to them, these rumors are ‘completely unfounded’.

A spokesperson from the production team told Star News through a telephone interview, “Rumors that Junjin and Lee Shi Young will be leaving the show in early May are completely unfounded. At the moment we’re not considering any such plans at all.”

Junjin and Lee Shi Young joined the show after the Seollal special early this year, and gained much popularity as the bickering couple, among the recent rumours of them dating for real. The production team has emphasized that this couple is still slated to carry on with their participation in the show.

On the other hand, Jung Hyung Don, whose relationship with a variety show writer has come to light recently, will exit the show with partner Tae Yeon in early May. The production team has announced that an extensive revamp is being planned for WGM in early May.


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