2PM, ‘Again & Again’ Receives Huge Recognition “Please Wait For Our Comeback Stage”

2PM’s new single ‘2:00PM Time For Change’ has received great response upon their comeback. 2PM’s new single was released through online store on the 16th and the title song ‘Again & Again’ has received an explosive response from fans by obtaining the No.1 spot on the Cyworld chart. Their other songs like ‘I Hate You’, ‘Might Come Back’ etc also made it to the top 10 in Naver and Cyworld.

Particularly, they still hold the No.1 spot on the Cyworld music chart on the morning of the 17th, showing an amazing popularity.

2PM’s title song for the new single, ‘Again & Again’ showed 2PM dynamic dance technique, contains an Electronic synth instrument combined with Bass rhythm and melody, with the repetitive dance/song/b-boy/bodybuilding/acrobatic to show the improvement and upgrade skills of the members. They are not afraid to show the ‘2PM’s style’ to match the expectation.

A music video has been released and has received a massive popularity.

The best MV director, Jang Jae Hyuk directed the MV for ‘Again & Again’, showing the more mature side of the members to stir the hearts of the fans. The MV also showed 2PM’s upgrade acrobatic dance that has been seen through the teaser to grab the fans attention.

JYP Entertainment official spokesperson said, “The response for 2PM’s new single has surprised us. We want to thank the fans for waiting for 2PM. 2PM will make their comeback next week and please wait for it. 2PM too, has been waiting for it and preparing hard for the stage performance, so please wait for it”.

Meanwhile, 2PM will start their promotion activities beginning with a comeback stage on the 23rd at Mnet MCountdown.

source: JK News | Osen | Daily In | DIP
translated by: bluejaymiesky


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