Gillian Chung snatches Ziyi Zhang’s limelight


Gillian Chung (Ah Gill) has gradually returning to the entertainment circle by appearing in commercials. She is the spokesperson for a well known cell phone company VEVA. The other night she attended the promotion event in Beijing. Ziyi Zhang is also the spokesperson for the same company. They both turned up for the event, but neither of them knew the other person would be there. Although Ah Gill only stayed there for two minutes, she stole all the limelight.

Ah Gill was wearing a low cut black evening dress worth $200,000 and the jewelry she put on was worth over $3 million HKD. The reporters only found out she would be attending that event few hours before hand. The moment Ah Gill appeared, she became the focus of the event. In fact, her fans were waiting for her at the airport when she arrived in Beijing. Ah Gill was accompanied by over forty security guards too. As she is the new spokesperson for the company, the commercial sponsors specially arranged for her to come on the stage first. The other guests who appeared were Pace Wu and Ziyi Zhang.

Speaking about being the spokesperson for the cellphone, Ah Gill said cellphone is a necessity in our daily lives. Therefore, she is very happy to be the spokesperson. She was promoting the functions of the cellphone which are very useful to her. Ah Gill only appeared in the press conference for two minutes. She then went backstage to discuss the commercial details with the sponsors. Ziyi Zhang told reporters she didn’t know Ah Gill would be there as the same cellphone spokesperson too. Nevertheless, she is very happy to promote cellphone specially made in China.

Earlier on when the reporter asked Ziyi if she knew Ah Gill would be there, Ziyi looked surprised, saying “Is that so? They didn’t tell me.” Ziyi was ushered to the rest room by the workers to prevent reporters asking her any further questions. The reporters kept asking her the same question, but Ziyi stuck her tongue out and replied “I really didn’t know about it beforehand.”


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