2PM MV, Explosive Popularity at Youtube

2PM’s single album, ‘2:00PM Time For Change’ has received lots of interest on the world’s leading video streaming site ‘Youtube’.Their teasers and MV became the two most viewed videos since the last 14th, placing them at the No.1 spot of most watch video from musician.

Also, on the 17th, their single title track ‘Again & Again’’s MV has become the most viewed videos entertainment, thus, placing their channel at the No.1 spot for ‘Youtube’s weekly most viewed videos from musician’.

The fans are much-anticipating with various promotions throughout Korea for 2PM’s new album. On the last 16th, their song charted at the no.1 spot in Cyworld on the day the new album was released.

2PM was ranked at no.1 on ‘Most Viewed’ chart for the Musician channel category. However, their no.1 spot has been pushed down to no.2 by Symphony, which is fully advertised by Youtube. The audition is held by Youtube too.

2PM’s agency spokesperson said, “2PM members are deeply grateful with the interest showed by domestic and international fans. With this, please expect to see the cooler side of them for 2PM’s new activities.”

Meanwhile, 2PM will start their new album activities by performing at the Mnet MCountdown on the 23rd.


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