2PM’s Songs Bring in a Hit


On the 16th, the ‘performance boy band’ 2PM released their new single ‘2:00PM Time for Change’ through an online music server.

The album itself consists of 8 songs which is the intro “What Time Is It Now”, their title song “Again & Again”, “I Hate You”, “I Don’t Know if I’ll Come Back”, and other instrumentals. Asia’s best producer Park Jin Young was in charge of the producing and managing the image of manliness for the boys.

The title song “Again & Again” was written by Park Jin Young and with 2PM’s dance, the Electronic synth on top of the bass for the music made it to the perfect melody it is.

Also, the dance, songs, b-boying, body building, and acrobatics which have been upgraded is definitely something to look forward to once the promotion of the album begins as each member shines with showing their unique color, marking the ‘2PM Style’.

The songs were also done by ‘Mastering Genius’ Vlado Meller who received many Grammy awards for helping artists such as Kanye West and Lil Wayne. With mixing, Brian Stanley (who mixed songs for Chris Brown and others on the top of the Billboard charts) which proves that the album was finished with the best quality and in the hands of professionals.

Aside from the song, the music video of ‘Again & Again’ was produced by Korea’s best music video producer Jang Jae Hyuk.


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