Hwang Bo’s confession that ‘Eun Hyuk is mine!’ and his kiss with Song Eun?

Hwang Bo confessed that she liked Super Junior member Eun Hyuk today.

The members of Infinite Girls recently invited Super Junior members as their guests on their show where they visited the countryside where they had food and games, having a pleasant time together.

Baek Bo Ram revealed that the night before the recording she received a message from Hwang Bo stating that Eun Hyuk was hers, whereas Shin Bong Sun jokingly added that not too long ago Hwang Bo revealed that she liked Eun Hyuk while being under the influence of alcohol, creating much laughter.

However, the person that got the opportunity to kiss Eun Hyuk in a game was Song Eun, causing Hwang Bo to look on with envy.

This episode of Infinite Girls will air on the 17th at 11.05 p.m. (Korean Time).


3 Responses

  1. no!!! eunyukie is 4 everyone!!
    juz keep dreaming

  2. – Hwang Bo??
    Hwang Bo is older than Hyukie oppa right??


    *evil laugh*

    lol.. ^___________^

  3. NOOOOO FIRST HYUNJOONG NOW EUNHYUK? I WILL NOT ACCEPT THIS…. XD jkjk lol (but seriously they needa back up off of Hyukkie… XD)

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