Talent Kim Shi Hyang, “Lee Min Ho was my boyfriend”,

Kim Shi Hyang, who started out as a racing model but later became a broadcaster, revealed her special love relationship with Lee Min Ho.

She was on KBS2 variety show on 18th April when she revealed, “Lee Min Ho used to be my boyfriend.”

Kim Shi Hyang used to act alongside Lee Min Ho in movie ‘Our School’s ET’. And back then Kim Shi Hyang had acted as Lee Min Ho’s girlfriend in the movie.

She revealed, “We were in a love relationship 2 years back while we were filming for the movie. We were a pair of passionate lovers, we even rode the same motorbike as from in the movie.” rousing a wave of envy from the audience.

She also confessed, “I regretted not being close with Lee Min Ho.”


* “Like, what can you do now?”
* “She seriously didn’t think in the shoes of Lee Min Ho. She only thought that it is such a proud thing to be his girlfriend before.”
* “Yes she is pretty, she has a great body. But what can she do now.”
* “What the heck is this again?”
* “If I can be Lee Min Ho’s girlfriend, that would be great.”
* “Lee Min Ho just wants a taste of racing girls.”

Many netizens were quite angry that the reporter digged this piece of news out, just for news sake because of Lee Min Ho’s popularity now. Many also thought the reporter was an anti to Kim Shi Hyang.


5 Responses

  1. she just want to be exposed because minho is now famous all over. She wants to be recognized also..!

  2. i think its ok but still when i saw thisi almost faint!

  3. OMG!!! kim shi hyang is a BOLD STAR!!!! thats gross!! disgusting!! they are not compatible 4 each other!!

  4. !!!who is the girlfriend of lee min hoo!!!
    . ….i think is goo hye sun…
    …. maybe lee min ho want to girlfriend goo hye sun…..

  5. lee min hoo klo mang bener yang penting tu cewe bikin nyaman kamu

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