Photos with Dong Bang Shin Ki and Big Bang – what’s SeeYa new members’ true identity?

SeeYa’s new incoming member JiYeon’s photos taken together with other popular singers have been the topic amongst netizens in forums.

There were photos of her posing with groups Dong Bang Shin Ki, Big Bang, 2PM, Crown J etc.

T-Ara is a 5-member group 3 years in the making under the company Mnet. Other than being singers, the members are also movie actresses and talents. Before their actual debut, they have already sang for the song ‘Good Person ver1′ off the MBC drama ‘Cinderella Man’ OST.

Out of the 5 members, member Ji Yeon has also joined SeeYa, Davichi for the digital single ‘Female Generation/Forever love’. She has also been one of the top search keywords on search portal sites.

In the photos revealed, JiYeon had posed with various popular singers like Dong Bang Shin Ki, 2PM, Big Bang and Crown J. With this, netizens have been in a heated debate about her being close to popular singers even before her official debut.

The truth is that these photos were taken when JiYeon is in secondary school 3rd year. She had went on to the music broadcast programme and taken the photos with the stars. And she had uploaded those photos back then on her minihompy.

She had also modelled for SMART Cf with group SHINee too. She has also the nickname of ‘Little Kim TaeHee‘ for her lookalike to Kim Tae Hee.

T-Ara will start the filming for their new MV on 26th April.

Netizens say:

* “What secondary 3rd year? This is just last year”
* “Nam GyuRi is prettier than she is”
* “She don’t look exceptionally close to those singers”
* “Envious of her totally”
* “I’m a SeeYa fan, and I hate the idea of her joining SeeYa. What is Mnet thinking?”
* “Look at Dong Bang Shin Ki oppa, they look too lazy to pose for the photo”

source: kbites


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