Kim Bum Races on Mario Kart

Kim Bum continues to be the top choice for advertisers especially after Boys Before Flowers.

His immense value as a blue-chip stock in the advertising world was highlighted once again when he was picked by Nintendo to film a CF for their Mario Kart Wii game. It’s a privillege for Kim Bum especially as Nintendo is known to only sign stars who are really popular and “world-class”. Others that had been signed by Nintendo in the past include Won Bin and Jang Dong Gun with Kim Bum’s participation showing that he is now right up there with the elite CF stars.

In the series of CFs, Kim Bum partners Kim Chang Wan and Park Mi Sun as they race against each other on Mario Kart. The CFs were released yesterday on Nintendo’s website and became an instant favourite with netizens with lots of views. The CFs are to promote the localized version of Mario Kart which will be out on 30th April.

An advertising executive said of Kim Bum, “The biggest advantage of using Kim Bum as your CF model is that, you would want to look at him again and again after the first glance. His outgoing and friendly image is highly suitable to endorse a wide range of products and probably explains why many advertisers want to sign him on.”


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