SS501’s Kim Hyung Jun insists on live broadcast for 2am radio program


“Want to let everyone experience the feel of live radio”

Boyband SS501’s youngest member, Kim Hyung Jun, wants to let listeners experience live radio, and his insistence on doing a live broadcast at 2am daily shocked many.

Starting from the 13th, Kim Hyung Jun took over SBS Power Radio’s new Spring line-up, hosting a program daily at 2am, his first-time as a solo DJ since his debut.

However, to the surprise of his company’s staff and the programming team, Kim Hyung Jun requested on doing a live broadcast, despite the program’s 2am timing.

On the 25th, a source close to Kim Hyung Jun said, “It’s not unusual for broadcasts to be pre-recorded if the program’s time slot is late”, “But Kim Hyung Jun says he hopes to let listeners experience live radio, and so he suggested doing live broadcast daily.” As such, most of the programs have been broadcasted live.

The source also said, “The passion to interact directly with listeners is great for someone who’s being a solo DJ for the first time.”

SS501 will be releasing their 2nd official album in Japan in May.

Credits: news.cyworld + Elsa菜 + (English translation) SS5014ever @


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