Super Junior’s Beauty Pageant Draws Laughter

As reported earlier, Super Junior members (not all of them, Shindong especially) were on a recent episode of SBS Intimate Note where they hope to turn Kangin and Sungmin into best friends and also Heechul with Eun Hyuk.

 And so to spice things up, they decided to have a Ms. Jul Chin Pageant among the 4 of them. And because it’s a pageant, they had to cross-dress as girls. Heechul and Eun Hyuk came out in cheongsams, Sung Min became Geum Jandi while Kangin a cheerleader.

And as you can tell, it’s already funny enough to see them dressed as girls. And they entertained us even more by performing Girls’ Generation Gee before launching into their own song, Sorry Sorry. Heechul was undoubtedly the star attraction and MVP as he did all the moves with relative ease and his exaggerated expressions were just plain hilarious. The highlight part was at 2:22 where Heechul lifted his skirt up which was masked off by a smiley. Guess it was a no-brainer that Heechul was crowned Ms. Jul Chin at the end. Truly a weird clip that deserves to be on repeat mode.


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