Lee Da-hae couples up with Baek Sung-hyun

The two actors are featured in kpop singer Kim Hyung-joong’s rather hyped music video; the song is his new single “Today’s Fortune” [오늘의 운세]. The video itself is somewhat standard kpop ballad fare; the story is told post-breakup, with flashbacks that point to a happier time when the couple was in love.

Lee Da-hae last acted in the large-scale MBC drama East of Eden, although she caused something of a stir when she dropped out early citing dissatisfaction with her character and was subsequently written out of the series. She spent some time abroad on vacation, and hasn’t yet picked a follow-up project. After the disappointing drama series Robbers and the cute but forgettable Hello Miss, I hope she picks a project better suited to her talents, which are many, but which have unfortunately been overshadowed by mediocre projects or characters.

Meanwhile, Baek Sung-hyun, a former child actor, is one of those up-and-comers to keep an eye on (in my opinion). He acted in dramas like Damo and Stairway to Heaven when he was in his early teens, and is now transitioning to more adult roles. He was more recently in the Kim Su-ro comedy film (alongside other up-and-comers Lee Min-ho and Park Bo-young) Our High School E.T., and will soon be seen on KBS’s new romantic comedy series Just Looking (aka That Fool aka the former Six Months), which stars Kim Ah-joong and Hwang Jung-min.


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