‘We Got Married’ New Couples Up For Discussion… Kwon Jiyong-Jessica?


Public celebrity couple SG Wannabe member Kim Yongjoon and group ‘Sugar’s actress Hwang Jungeum is up for discussion as one of the new couples in ‘We Got Married.’

The representatives of ‘We Got Married’ said that the four couples, Jung Hyungdon-Taeyeon, Shin Sungrok-Kim Shinyoung, Junjin-Lee Siyoung, and Kangin-Lee Yoonji will be leaving the show, and that new couples will be discussed and finalized by next week.

Along with the two, Big Bang’s G-Dragon (Kwon Jiyong) and SNSD’s Jessica are up for discussion as a new couple as well.
Big Bang’s G-Dragon and Girls Generation’s Jessica were spotted on the list of potential couples for the revamped ‘We Got Married’.

This little tidbit has caused netizens to speculate whether the two are love birds in real life. Why? Because the new show concept is supposed to reflect the REAL relationships of celebrity couples.

However, jealous VIP fans are not sitting pretty. They have been bombarding the ‘We Got Married’ site with messages disapproving of the match. Some fans even threatened that ”If these two become a couple then we will demonstrate in front of the MBC studies. I’d rather see him paired with So-hee”.

Obviously, the PD’s for the show are going to be having a hard time pleasing all the younger viewer with requests to have other pop acts like DBSK and Super Junior on the show.


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  1. WHAT O___O Nooo, pair him up with Sun Ye please! x] Although, I guess they’re trying to mix up the groups. 😦 Man, if you had to have a couple with one person from Big Bang, why couldn’t you choose TOP and Yoobin? T-T Has there even been any interaction between Jessica and Jiyong? Well, actually, ‘Jessica and Jiyong’ rolls off the tongue pretty nicely.

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