Actress Heo Yi Jae, casted together with Big Bang TOP and SeungRi for new Korea-Japan collaboration drama

Actress Heo Yi Jae has been casted as the main female character to an upcoming drama collaboration between Korea and Japan. And she acting opposite Big Bang TOP and SeungRi in the tele-cinema ‘My 19-year-old’.

‘My 19′ is a suspense drama that talks about the flaws of the society, and of 2 19-year-old teenagers who got involved in a homicide case. The drama is written by Inoue Yumiko who also did many Japanese dramas like ‘Engine’ and ‘Good Luck’.

In the show, Heo Yi Jae acts as ‘Cha Eun Yeong’ whose mother got hospitalised and she had to drop out of school to practise as a trainee at a salon.

The story revolves around Cha Eun Yeong and 2 other teenagers Seo Jung Hoon (TOP) and Park Min Seo (SeungRi) who together forged friendship as they investigate into the homicide cases after escaping from the police station.

YG Entertainment said, “After Heo Yi Jae’s surprise appearance for Big Bang’s concert ‘Big Show’, this is her first work after signing with our company.”

The filming for the drama will start in May.

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