Koo Hara and Jo Kwon Cry Out for 2PM’s Wooyoung

On the latest episode of “MBC Every1 Idol Show” with KARA as the new MCs, 2AM made an apperance as the weekly guest. As expected, whenever 2AM’s Jo Kwon is around, everyone has a side-splitting time with tons of laughter and air gasping.

KARA’s Koo Hara is asked to prank call 2PM’s Wooyoung. After a few seconds of her annoying fan girling, Koo Hara hands Jo Kwon the phone, and it’s all laughs from there on. Wooyoung gives Taecyeon the phone, which causes Jo Kwon to throw a fit about how he hates Taecyeon and demands him to give the phone back to Wooyoung. When Taecyeon cuts Jo Kwon’s fan girling off with a “Goodbye,” Jo Kwon immediately turns serious and calls Taecyeon “Yah” which is almost like a “yo b*tch.” Jo Kwon’s hilarious actions cause everyone to burst into laughter and even more when they realize that Taecyeon really hung up on them.


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