SNSD to hold fanmeeting for the first time in 1 year and 9 months


SNSD will be having the first official fanmeeting for the first time ever since they debuted a year and 9 months ago.

SNSD said through their official homepage on the 30th that they would be opening registrations for their fanmeeting. Currently they are receiving registrations by SONEs through their homepage.

SNSD said through a video message, “It’s been a very long time since we’ve officially greeted you ever since our ‘Gee’ activities ended” and that “We were so, so happy during our 3 months of ‘Gee’ activities. We worked very hard and happily in our activities because fans gave us so much support and love.”

They also said, “We are currently doing separate activities. There are girls who are MCs, and it’s unfortunate that Yoona isn’t here but she’s filming her drama. Please give a lot of love to ‘Cinderella Man.'”

They continued with, “Another reason why we are greeting you is to invite you to our official fanmeeting,” and added “I think there wouldn’t be better news than this for fans who have been waiting for the first official fanmeeting. We were also very delighted at this news. We are so happy to meet our fans in person.”

SNSD also said, “We are working hard on our next album. We will prepare a good performance and show you many things.”

Translations credits to daisy kim @ Soshified
source: yahoo


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