Lee Min Ho Sets the Record Straight,


Boys Over Flowers overnight sensation Lee Minho has gained the interest of the media and fans alike. With the recent open blog from YG for G-Dragon, Lee Minho’s agency has set out to set record straight.

The most recent rumor surround Lee Minho is his extravagant joy ride purchase.

Recently, a media source revealed that Lee Minho was seen entering a Benz dealership with two men who appeared to be his managers. After browsing through several models, he finally chose one that he liked. Soon the cost of the vehicle he chose was revealed to the public to be one million won. People are criticizing the new star about spending his cheese while everyone else suffers due to the economic crisis.

Lee Minho’s company said “the truth is that an unnamed fellow actor/actress took Minho for a ride and afterwards, he showed some interest in the car as he was impressed with the luxury car. Then the other actor introduced him to the dealership to make a purchase of his own.” Although he was interested in the car, he is a spokesperson for Cadillac and would not be able to buy a Benz as it was a conflict of interest and probably a bad move professionally.

The second but older rumor was that Lee Minho was ‘helping’ the singing girl duo, Davichi. Mostly due to his prior connections to the singer, Kang Min Kyung. There’s a youtube video online showing the two hanging out and singing in a norebang.

Supposedly it was said that Lee Minho would use his Goo Jun Pyo popularity to campaign Davichi’s new album via his company’s BGM homepage.
This rumor is completely unnecessary as nothing was ever done on Lee Minho’s part. Because of his busy schedule, filming BOF and all the appearances, he didn’t even have time to do anything about it.

The last rumor is probably the most interesting one: Lee Minho’s busy love life.

It was rumored that during the short time while filming Boys Over Flowers that he was dating co-star Goo Hye Sun and Kang Min Kyung. Although he had already come forward saying that there would be rumors of him dating other actresses in the past (Park Bo Young, Moon Chae Won, Choi Eun Seo) the Goo Hye Sun one was the last straw. He stated that there would be rumors as people would distort his friendly relationships as dating.

Rumors about Minho’s so called playboy type lifestyle and womanizing with several actresses is causing his company stress and difficulties. They feel that if these rumors continue, Lee Minho will become depressed from these mendacious claims and quit acting altogether.

credits: allkpop


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